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Professional Interior Design Service

PremPlan - Interior Design
PremPlan - Interior Design

Service Overview

All PremPlan's designers are qualified and have an exceptional understanding of design and how best to tailor it to their client's individual needs. Our professional design team are able to create a wide range of internal spaces, ranging from minimal kitchens to traditional living rooms. PremPlan's team have worked on projects from luxury London Apartments to rooms for Royalty, however as a company we pride ourselves on believing that design should be and will be affordable. We are always happy to work within our clients budget, whilst creating inspirational and exciting interiors.

An interior is only as good as its final finish and for this reason we continue to search for the best craftsman to continue to create spaces that surpass our clients expectations. Although we do not carry out the construction work ourselves we will work closely with any third party. We take great care in providing you with a design that meets your needs and we will support you to ensure that you get what you envisaged when working with contractors. Whether you are considering transforming the look of your home or business, PremPlan are able to create a scheme which suits your requirements.

“PremPlans Interior Design Process”

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PremPlan - Interior Design Specialist

Why PremPlan Are Different

PremPlan are able to work on all aspects of your home design, we are a one stop shop and can create a range of home environments. Whether you want a holistic approach to your project where the landscape, architecture and interior all speak the same language or want very different approaches for each aspect of your home we will ensure that they all work together. Our designers collectively possess a great range of experiences from gardens, to luxury apartments and even shopping centres. All our designers have one thing in common, which is a love for design and a key understanding of their clients requirements.

If you wish to pursue our design services or would like a FREE consultation we would be happy to hear from you.