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PremPlan Expertise

PremPlan are a small company who offer a range of competitive design and planning packages. We pride ourselves on putting the needs of our clients first, understanding who they are, what they do and most importantly what they want. We believe that all our clients are entitled to live and work in an environment which is perfect to their needs and requirements whilst still upholding the importance of critical planning and excellent design.

Whether you are considering an extension or selling an existing property, floor plans are a great place to start.

Our Premises License service provides you with both existing and proposed floor plans for your commercial property.

From seating layouts to full interior packages, PremPlan have the expertise and skill to design your dream interior.

We specialise in small to medium scale external areas,  from private gardens, beer gardens or a hotel courtyards. We can plan, design and deliver a space you can relax in.

We believe in designing unique garden rooms which can be used for a variety of uses, whether it be a playroom for the children or one for the parents.

Do you want to get an estimate from PremPlan? Why not try our self-service calcluator to get an idea of costs involved for a potential job.