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PremPlan - Landscape & Garden Design (Chairs and Table)

PremPlan offer great rates on a range of landscape design packages

Read below to discover more about our 3 Landscape Design packages

1. Landscape Plans

This is the basic package which fundamentally enable you to understand the new arrangement and design of your garden. This package includes a measured survey of the site and you will be provided with a drawn plan (aerial view) of your new garden. With British weather being so varied we pay particular attention to how the garden will look from within your home, enabling enjoyment throughout all the se asons. Although this package does not include a planting schedule we do look at how colour will be introduced to the garden so that you are left with a clear idea of the overall feel of your new garden. This package is well suited to those who are considering doing the works themselves or hiring a gardener.

2. Landscape Plans with Planting Schedule

This package is an extension of the basic Landscape Plans package, here we further explore the garden by building a catalogue of planting to be used. We carefully locate them so that they are situated in areas which will allow them to thrive as well as meet the needs of our clients.

3. Landscape Plan, Planting Schedule and Construction Details

This is ideal for those who are looking for a garde n which has built structures or possibly on several layers. This package provides that of Package 1 and 2, but includes the technical drawings required to construct such built structures. Whether you are consider an garden out house or raised decking we will be happy to perform all the construction details required.

Landscape Design Package Breakdown & Prices


  • 0-49M²
  • 50-99M²
  • 100M² +
Landscape Plans

From (£)
  • £399
  • £549
  • POA
Landscape Plans with Planting Schedule

From (£)
  • £449
  • £699
  • POA
Landscape Plans, Planting schedule and construction details

From (£)
  • POA
  • POA
  • POA

PremPlan's Self Survey Services

Get a quote online with our easy to use self quote calcluator. For more information see the PremPlan Self survey service page.

Professional Design

If you are after the full redesign of your property from the exterior form to interior layouts and finishes we are here to help. We are able to provide high quality design solutions, so whether you want to create a garden which compliments your extension or a contrasting interior we will be able to help. We pride ourselves first and foremost on being designers, and believe that it is successful design that creates everlasting spaces.

*Confirmation will be confirmed after viewing the premises, prior to work commencing.
Our package prices are subject to change and price confirmation will be confirmed after viewing the premises, prior to work commencing.