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PremPlan - Interior Design
“A space is able to transform the mood of those in it and has the power to move people. As individuals we identify with each space in a different way, whether aware or unaware the places we go and visit have an everlasting impact on us. So let’s create more.”

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Our Story

I first started by somewhat of an accident when a friends father asked me to redesign his fish restaurant ‘Chez Liline’ and merge it with the neighbouring property which was also his, a fish monger.  Unfortunately due to the father’s poor health the project was never built, but Sylvan the restaurateur taught me to never give up in your dreams and due to his determination he is still with us today. Since then I have graduated in Interior Design Environmental Architecture at Ravensbourne College of Design and communication; gone on to work for one worlds leading architecture practices and of course created PremPlan. Here I have successfully worked on a range of residential and commercial projects, which include extensions, loft conversions, new builds, interiors, space planning, garden studios, landscapes and premises licence plans.


Mission Statement

PremPlan are a small company who offer a range of competitive design and planning packages

Vision Statement

We pride ourselves on putting the needs of our clients first, understanding who they are, what they do and most importantly what they want. We believe that all our clients are entitled to live and work in an environment which is perfect to their needs and requirements whilst still upholding the importance of critical planning and excellent design.

Values Statement

PremPlan understand the scale of the investment that is being considered when thinking a bout extending and it's because of this we ensure that you are aware of your options before commencing with a final idea. We are more than passionate about design and read each property in conjunction with its users to create the unique environment that is perfect for you.

PremPlan - Eportfolio, Planning Applications
PremPlan - Eportfolio, Planning Applications
PremPlan - Eportfolio, Planning Applications