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Professional Interior Design Service

Interior Design Process

PremPlan - Interior Design Process (Professionals)PremPlan aim to keep the entire design process as s imple as possible and we do this by breaking it down into a few easy steps. We understand that you want your interior or maybe even just part of your property designed by people who have a passion for design and we take great care in creati ng a product which is unique to your individual requirements.

Please see below for an outline of the steps we take so that your dream garden is achieved.

  • The first stage of the design process is for us to understand what it is you want to achieve. We can visit you at your property and discuss your ideas for your interior. Whether you already have a clear idea and are able to provide a detailed brief or are looking for some inspiration we are keen to help. Our initial consultation is designed to enable us to understand your needs and what it is that desire, through knowing our client we believe we will be able to create a better suited environment for you to enjoy.

This initial consultation is FREE.

  • We will perform a measured survey of the required area which will act as the foundation for all our design work. This measurements will enable us to draw all the proposed drawings accurately, they will explain the archit ectural restrictions and most importantly create the framework to pin your design onto.
  • Within the conceptual design stage we will provide a range of visual references which help secure all parties expectations of the interiors. There are so many variations within interior design and the process is specifically catered to better distinguish what it is you desire. Our extensive library of images allows us to find examples of interiors that reflect your preferences which will be used to develop your current property into one of pure aesthetic bliss.
  • Once an option has been selected the true design work begins. Our designers will churn out design after design until they are satisfied that they have met the design brief and fulfilled your specifications. Exactly what is presented at this stage will depend on the project, due to the individual requirements of each client this stage may be further broken down into multiple stages.
  • A member of the design team will then meet with you once again to explain the design, they will answer your queries, whilst explaining the benefits of the design and wh at has been done to better optimise your space (depending on the interior design service undertaken.)

Our aim is to make the design process as simple as possible, we will always do all that we can to ensu re that you have a great experience and know that we both have a common goal, which is to create a beautiful new space for you to enjoy.

For a FREE consultation do no hesitate to contact us.