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Planning Application

London Planning Appeals

PremPlan - London Planning Appeals

Our 5 Step Planning Appeal Process

One of our Planning Consultants look into the case and see whether you have any grounds for appeal? If you don't like the Local Authorities decision it doesn't necessarily mean you have an appropriate grounding for appeal.

  • Paying your deposit and signing Terms and Conditions.
  • Filling out the paperwork, preparing relevant documents, plans and photographs needed to strengthen your case.
  • Liaising with the Planning Department throughout the appeal.
  • Hopefully winning your appeal.

Due to the nature of planning appeal it is impossible to guarantee that you will win your case. However we promise to refund £149 if we lose.

ALL FOR ONLY £899 + Vat

What is a Planning Appeal?

A planning Appeal is a formal process made to your local council to urge them to reconsider your application after its refusal by the planning committee. Unfortunately, making an appeal does not guarantee that the committee will change their decision, and appeals should be based on the fact that an error has been made by the planner dealing with your application.

Why do I need help with a planning appeal?

We are an honest company and for that reason we need to make it clear that you are able to make an appeal yourself with the help of PremPlan. However we are able to strengthen your case using our array of knowledge, expertise and experience. It is common for projects to be refused on issues that can easily be overcome. As always PremPlan aim to offer a professional service which removes the stresses from their clients and the same applies during the appeal process.

How much does a Planning Appeal Cost?

Due to nature of all planning appeals being different we are unable to set a fixed cost for appeals. Our costs start from £899 and we offer a £149 refund on cases which are not won.